The best way to minimise your company’s risk of a HMRC tax investigation is to appoint an Accountant to keep your affairs in order with, for example, accurate Bookkeeping Services. However, changes in the law now mean HMRC does not need a reason to investigate and random, unavoidable investigations are on the increase.

Tax investigations can be very stressful so it is essential to have the support of experts who can advise you on how to protect yourself during an investigation. At Robert Lewis, we have helped clients resolve all types of investigations, from simple tax enquiries to very complex situations.

To minimise disruption to your business and your life, we can take care of the entire HMRC investigation process on your behalf; from analysing the issue, explaining the risks and your best available options, to handling all negotiations associated with the HMRC tax investigation. Our focus also covers securing a reasonable payment period for you to pay outstanding tax and penalties. In many cases the potential liabilities arising from HMRC specialist investigations can be eliminated.


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I have to say that both of us would have no hesitations in recommending your company to anyone who needs tax advice, not only for your down to earth approach, but your professionalism as well.

Julie Bell

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